About us


Sipetrol was founded in 1986. Over the years it has become a major contractor that provides among others the following services:

  • Hydraulic Projects
  • Civil works Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Electromechanical  assembly Projects
  • Underground Projects
  • Road works Projects
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Purchasing and Logistics
  • Representations

Sipetrol was developed to meet the needs of the oil, mining and hydroelectric sector, and their related industries.

Sipetrol has experience in construction in Ecuador and Latin America

About us


    Sipetrol S.A. is an specialized company that makes equipment and material supply. Manufacturing Metalworking, Construction, Logistics and Representations of different products, equipment and services for the energy sector and parallel industries in Latin America.

  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Technology
  • Creativity
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Human resources

About us


Sipetrol has assembled a team of engineers and construction specialists of the highest level to serve the energy industry. Their missions has always been to apply innovative and creative ideas, to provide optimal results and technical solutions at the best prices, always committed to quality and compliance with schedules performing strict safety standards, environmental protection and excellent community relations. Our future depends on achieving and maintaining the trust and loyalty of our customers by offering the highest level of satisfaction in our projects .




We transform the needs of our clients into hight quality projects, using the best technology at reasonable prices.



Equipment & Technology

Sipetrol`s installed capacity allows to perform a variety of infrastructure projects. Sipetrol has made significant investments in machinery, equipment and technology in line with the project requirements and technological progress, as well as, implementing continuous improvement in techniques, processes and construction procedures.



Sipetrol’s main warehouse and metalworking workshop with an area of ​​735 m2 is located on the outskirts of Quito, Here the manufacture and maintenance of metal structures, farm machinery and heavy industrial machinery is made. These facilities allow Sipetrol to minimize subcontracts and ensure prompt attention to the requirements of the projects.

Our headquarters are located in the sector of Miravalle. Sipetrol also has a buying and logistic office in the city of Quito.


EPC Projects


To provide efficient solutions to the energy industry, Sipetrol, offers a unique combination of powerful capabilities, Logistics to remote locations, Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Representations, Operation and Maintenance, reflect the diversity of the projects included in our portfolio. Possessing an impeccable record of succesful projects, has made Sipetrol synonymous of reliability amid the difficult conditions of a sensitive environment, the implementation of a strong philosophy of excellence that exceeds customer expectations on projects such as:
Hydrulic projects, Civil works, Power Generation, Electromechanical projects, Underground projects, Road projects.

EPC Projects


Throughout the procurement process, Sipetrol ensures the highest standards of transparency and efficiency, offering quality alternatives to timely meet the client objectives. An effective supplier selection method, inspection and control of materials, ensure the customer requirements and technical specifications of each project.

EPC Projects


Sipetrol performs variaty of civil works, mechanical works, electro-mechanical erection & instrumentation work from day one to comissioning and start up.




Sipetrol has focused its strategy on alliances and representations with worldclass manufacturing companies, offering products related to the gas, petroleum, energy and environmental industries.

American Company leader in the manufacture of compressors

British company that produces security papers for money, passports and also manufactures sophisticated banknote counting machines high quality

Canadian company that provides engineering services and constructs modular plants for the oil and gas business.



Sipetrol’s logistics chain includes transportation planning, loading, unloading and handling, coordination of traffic operations, export packaging, paperwork and coordination with air, sea, river and land transport.

Export licenses, shipping documentation, processes of customs clearance and final delivery work fronts are coordinated by Sipetrol.



Sipetrol works with reliable suppliers for quality and timely compliance deadlines, Sipetrol makes the technical and commercial evaluation of bids, defines and negotiates the purchase orders, conducts inspections during prefabrication and after acquisitions.
When necessary Sipetrol also conducts expat inspections monitor manufacturing quality through on factory inspections and review the documents submitted by the supplier.




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